Lower Antelope tour, Why to recommend Lower Antelope Canyon

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 5, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Lower Antelope Canyon was a great surprise to me, it surpassed all my expectations. Enjoy the Antelope Canyon with the Lower Antelope tour on the site.

One big advantage to Lower Antelope is that there are far fewer people visiting the canyon, which means you don’t have to deal with mass herds of people.

Another is that Lower has the more adventurous appeal, because you may be able to venture without being accompanied by a tour guide and there’s a little bit of climbing here and there.

While the spaces are more cramped and thus more difficult to set up a tripod, you won’t have to deal with the big crowds so it balances out. But once again, if you are going to Antelope Canyon to shoot the light beams you probably want to go with Upper Antelope.

Another difference is getting there. For Upper Antelope, you will arrive at a parking lot where you will sign in under a tent and then jump aboard an open-bed truck and head a few minutes down the road and then on to a bumpy off-road to reach the canyon.

We did a photography tour (more below) so we were taken to the canyon in an enclosed SUV.

For Lower Antelope, you simply show up at the parking lot and then a guide takes you down into the canyon. Based on reviews, it appears the guides use their discretion as to whether they’ll accompany you down there or not.

Overall, I think the two main determining factors are mobility and desire to shoot the light beams. But just know, you really can’t lose any way you go and remember you can always schedule a tour for both. As for my recommendation, I say do both.

However, if you can’t do both then I’m on Team Upper Antelope (at least for your first time out there).