Los Angeles Vacation, 5 Ultimate Things to Do in Los Angeles

  1. By Kevin
  2. On May 15, 2017
  3. North America
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Visiting abound the Los Angeles city, You'd better take some information about it to guide your Los Angeles Vacation vacation, and here're 5 ultimate things to do in Los Angeles may enrich your trip.

Los Angeles Vacation


Spend a sunny day beside the Pacific Ocean riding the Ferris wheel and playing dozens of games for prizes at this popular family destination. Cotton candy and other hard-to-resist treats are within easy reach. Drop by in the late afternoon to experience the dazzling sunsets.


The bohemian lifestyle of this famous boardwalk is constantly threatened by the rapid gentrification of Venice. Still, the magicians, fortune-tellers, and Muscle Beach weight lifters survive. Struggling artists sell their paintings, infiltrated by tackier purveyors of cheap watches and sunglasses. Rent a bicycle or in-line skates, grab a hot dog, and enjoy the sights and the sunset.


Despite urban myths that claim otherwise, Angelenos do abandon their cars every now and then—especially if it's to rent an old-school beach cruiser and bike down the 22-mile-long Strand, which stretches from Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica to Torrance County Beach in Redondo. The Strand runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean through Santa Monica and Venice. If biking isn't your thing, there are plenty of rollerbladers and walkers as well.

Los Angeles Vacation


It's no secret that the people of Los Angeles love their cars. But what the casual observer may not know is that Angelenos have another passion—for the local burger chain In-N-Out—that, thankfully, is perfectly car-friendly. Of course, Angelenos don't get out of their cars to make this magical moment happen. Easy directions: Drive up to an In-N-Out window, order from the secret menu (available online), and enjoy your "Animal Style" in the car.


At 3rd and Fairfax, the Farmers Market is pretty much Los Angeles's version of a community center. Everyone comes here to eat, drink, and, most importantly, people-watch. Founded by a collective of farmers in 1934, the Farmers Market now houses more than 85 shops and restaurants—you can find everything from a Brazilian grill to a French crêperie to a Lebanese kebab stand—in an open-air bazaar ringed by stalls and stands. The Farmers Market and the adjacent shopping area, The Grove, are also low-key places to spot celebrities going about their everyday business.