Los Angeles tour from San Francisco,3 ways to explore Los Angeles

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To do all the things,you don’t have to go far in Los Angeles.But you might want to get a better idea of what’s in store.That’s why we have stories to inspire your trip.Chances are you’re ready to hike the trails,sip craft beer and chow down on a farm-fresh feast.Travel advice about 3 ways to explore Los Angeles by,also you can take the Los Angeles tour from San Francisco on the site with deals.

Los Angeles-San Diego driving

(2 hours and 30 minutes)

The drive down to San Diego is an easy one.But if you don't feel like jumping in your car for the day,you can also hop on Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner train and relax the whole way.First,stop for an early lunch at Tacos El Gordo for a traditional Mexican feast.

Their flagship location is across the border in Tijuana,so you know the tacos at this place are the real deal.Next,head over to the world-famous San Diego Zoo where you can see animals up close and personal in their natural environments at their"Animals in Action"experience.

You can also learn how the zoo is helping to save a number of different animal species there and around the world.If you're short on time,skip the zoo and board a boat for the San Diego Seal Tour around the whole city(as well as some time with the California sea lions who live in the area).On your way out of town,stop at the Baked Bear and grab a custom ice cream sandwich.

Los Angeles tour from San Francisco,3 ways to explore Los Angeles

Walk the paths

Mosaic rock paths wind around the grounds near a waterfall,through open pavilions,next to blossoming trees and flowers,and over a bridge that crosses the refurbished koi pond,named Lake Zither.Benches and other cozy resting spots along the way give you a chance to reflect on life while taking a break or snapping a photo.Not only can visitors stay dry during their visit,but the crowds are smaller on rainy days,making it quieter and easier to move around and take garden photos unencumbered by other visitors.Take a solo tour and stroll the gardens at your leisure,or take a free 45-minute tour with a trained guide for a more in-depth exploration.

Breathe deep,and watch the ducks and koi

Inhale the fresh,earthy smell of new rain as it mingles with the fragrance of the blooms.Listen to the raindrops and bird chirps.The waterfall feature on the north side of the garden reminds us of swift-moving mountain water rushing down the rocks and,with the influx of additional rain,instantly drowns out the city sounds trying to to sneak their way in.The unique limestone rocks found throughout the garden grounds—directly from Lake Tai in Suzhou—change to a richer color when wet.Raindrops falling in the lake give way to happily quacking ducks and happy koi.