London sightseeing tours,Landscapes&Activities

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 13, 2017
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Such as the breathtaking views are available to vistors of London Eye.London,as one of the oldest city in Europe,have so many beautiful places suit for the London sightseeing tours.And some landscapes&activities as below:

London sightseeing tours

Cripple your friends with jealousy--Borough Market

If food makes your world a brighter place then it’s time to hot-foot it to London's most renowned food market.The edible delicacies at the bustling Borough Market will make all of your dreams come true.And more.There’s cheese,pestos,chutneys,breads,olives,sweets,fresh vegetables...the list is endless.

Retro Antiques Roadshow--Portobello Road Market

It seems Londoners can't wait to get out on a Saturday morning and hit up their nearest market to indulge in good coffee,good food and a significant dose of good people.Portobello Road Market is no exception,but is particularly known for its range of antique stores which have been the core of the market since the 1950's.