Sheltered away from the tourist shuffle on Oxfort St lies London's largest independent photographic gallery and exhibition space,home to of one of the world's most expansive photographic collections in the world,with images dating back through generations of photography.Enjoy the London landmarks sightseeing,to enjoy the professional photo session during the London trip.

London Landmarks Sightseeing

Oldest pub on the Thames--The Mayflower Pub

You'll struggle to find a more authentic and cosy pub in zone 1 or 2.Located in Rotherhithe,with great views of Tower Bridge.It's the oldest pub on the Thames;feels like you're stepping back in time 300 years,though clientele is mixed and lively.While you're there you can check out the Brunel museum across the road.Serves food too.

We shall fight on the beaches--Churchill War Rooms

A tremendous source of British pride stems from their conduct during WWII.The personification of this pride is war time Prime Minister Winston Churchill and walking through his preserved war rooms beneath the streets of Westminster is an immersive journey into one of Britain's finest hours.

London Landmarks Sightseeing

Knowledge is freedom--Museum Quarter

London’s dedication to its past,present and future is exhibited perfectly in the Museum Quarter.The Victoria&Albert,Natural History and Science museums are all free,setting an example to its citizens that knowledge of where we've been,where we’re going and what we should celebrate now is a right every Londoner should freely access.

Annual architecture--The Serpentine Pavilion

Each year since 2000 some of the world's premier architects have made a temporary contribution to London's Serpentine Gallery with their personal take on the summer pavilion.When the sun begins to bathe Hyde Park for another year locals know to make the Gallery a stop on their park outing to admire modern architecture in its most playful form.

Vale of Health,hidden gem in Hampstead--Vale of Health

Vale of Health was so named after becoming the only safe place in London from the Black Death of 1665.It hosted poets,artists and writers in XIX century and pictured as one of the best spots in London to get inspired.