London Guides, To Make The Most of Darker Nights in London

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 7, 2017
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London, as the biggest city in Britain, has so many scenes attracts more and more people rushing to here each year. To make the most of darker nights in London with London travel guides.

London Guides

Enjoy rooftop fairy tales and ales at the Queen of Hoxton

The Queen of Hoxton – pub, club and everything in between – offers an eclectic mix over two fun floors, with DJs playing on a cutting-edge disco/house tip on the weekends, while film nights, fringe theatre and food often take centre-stage during the week. Their huge rooftop is one of the funnest in London too – with an enormous wigwam set up during the winter months.

Fancy a pow-wow round an electric heater on a cold dark night? Perhaps not. But chuck in a wigwam, some cosy cocktails and heaps of warming grub, and you’ve got yourself an entirely different proposition. Returning to the Queen of Hoxton’s roof for another winter season, the famed wigwam will this year take on a fairytale theme, courtesy of festival events company Mad Ferret. There’ll be a bar made from gingerbread and a variety of immersive events inspired by the stories of the Brothers Grimm. Put another way, it’s Grimm up top.