London events in November,things to do in November

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 7, 2017
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Since the Winter if not so far,you may planning your holiday to London.Then the London events in November will be useful for you,things to do in November.

London Tours

Meet oddballs and crazy callers at Rebel Bingo

Rabble-rousing upstarts Rebel Bingo are the scourge of the traditional bingo community…or so they(and we)thought.After several years of hostility from the old guard,industry giant Mecca has invited them to host a series of events at its Camden venue–the first time that this wild,drunken,party-led approach to the numbers game will have been held in an official bingo hall.As Rebel Bingo’s new promo video puts it:'Goliath has opened the door to David.'

Play Tudor spy games at Nightwatchers

Stop whingeing about the shorter days–if it wasn’t getting dark earlier,we wouldn't be able to wander around the Tower of London at night in an immersive digital theatre piece called'Nightwatchers'.WTF is'immersive digital theatre'?you ask.Well,it basically means you'll have to navigate your way around the Tower,led by text messages and phone calls,through a narrative of shadowy state surveillance and crafty Elizabethan espionage.Not so down on the shorter days now,are we?