The question which is what about the live condition in US East Coast cities during a East Coast tours you must be very interested in? Travel Tips About The US East Coast Cities During A East Coast Tours. There are hostels in New york and boston i know for sure.. they're not bad and their significantly cheaper than other relative lodgings..

your plan sounds fine, just know that DC to toronto is going to be a hike, and toronto to Boston will be too but not as bad.

East Coast Tours

public transit is fine, just kinda boring and sometimes they'll be shady but i wouldn't be worried about personal safety or nothing. no big deal.

i know there are buses from chinatown NYC to Boston for like 5 dollars or less, though i've never taken it myself and its not exactly a well organized operation (and besides i dont think you said you're going from NY to BOS)

food can be real cheap if you do fast food or real expensive if you go to restaurants all the time..

tipping is only really for waiters and bartenders.. and a good tip is usually just 2x the tax which should be on every check

public transit in major cities (trains/subways etc) are generally pretty cheap, a few bucks though NYC subway system is notoriously complicated and sometimes confusing so be prepared to ask people where the fuck to go and stare at subway maps for hours

new york, boston, philly, dc, they're all great cities, if your willing to go out and about and go to bars and clubs or just sightsee. but its all pretty frenetic and high energy (esp NY and DC) so just go with it and have fun.

East Coast Tours

if you're going to improv going somewhere, from NY penn station you can get a train to basically anywhere

enjoy, have fun, live it up. As with any city in any part of the world, there are good areas and bad areas in regard to safety. Staying in groups would be wise. You should feel safe though following common sense rules to visit all the cities mentioned in your post.

July and August are hot months in Philly and DC; it will be cooler the further north you go.

I'm not sure if there are hostels in any of the cities you plan to visit; you can google to try to find that information. It is cheaper to stay somewhere like Newark, New Jersey and take the train into New York City. Also the same for DC; stay out further from the city but near the metro to save money.

Average meal prices. McDonald's - $5 a meal but not too healthy. There are sub shops that will be around the same price and then restaurants can run all the way up the price scale. Best to ask the locals for best priced / good places to eat. You can always pick up food at grocery stores as well. Stay in hotels that offer free breakfasts to help save food money.