Lisbon's Best Attractions and Activities

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 29, 2017
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Lisbon's best attractions and activities make you getting to know the Lisben city.Lisbon has an extensive selection of hotels and hostels but always balance the price of the accommodation against the location in the city.


Tram ride on the number 28 Tram

The number 28 tram is the classic yellow tram that rattles and screeches through the narrow streets of Lisbon and no visit is complete without a ride on these quaint trams.In any other city the 1930s trams would be an exhibit in museum,but in Lisbon they are an integral part of the public transport network.

The polished wooden benches of the number 28 tram provides one of the best tours of Lisbon,and pass through the historic districts of Graca,Alfama,Baixa,Chiado and Sao Bento before terminating in front the magnificent Estrella Basilica.

The Nightlife of Bairro Alto

Lisbon has a buzzing nightlife scene that is social,accepting and varied.The greatest area to experience a night in Lisbon is the district of Bairro Alto,a warren of trendy bars,small clubs and live music venues where the haunting sound of Fado music can be heard wafting out.

At the weekends the late night revelries spill out onto the surrounding streets so that the entire district feels like one large party.Lisbon has a progressive attitude and the nightlife is accepting of all sexual preferences and ages(legal drinking age is 18),just be warned that nights start late and continue until the sun rises.