Lisbon travel tips,experience the Lisbon local life

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  2. On Dec 5, 2017
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We talk about the Lisbon travel tips in this paper,to experience the Lisbon local life.Living room-like atmosphere on a picturesque plaza along hip Príncipe Real.This is Lisbon's lupolomaníaco(hophead)gathering point,led by the city's nicest and most knowledgeable staff.

Lisbon travel tips

The taps they are a-changin'

Fast-forward a few decades and Lisbon is emerging from the crippling global financial crisis with guns blazing:the city is suddenly finding itself in the unusual position of European tastemaker.Booming on the backs of returning waves of creatives,many of whom left the country to explore opportunities abroad during the thinnest years of the recession(and were no doubt exposed to imperial pale ales,porters and saisons along the way),today,Lisbon is hungry for hops and thirsty for choice.

Lisbon's first craft beer bar,Cerveteca Lisboa,opened its doors in 2014 on leafy Praça das Flores,thus opening the cerveja artesanal floodgates.Just a few years later,Lisbon now counts two brewpubs,at least five dedicated craft beer bars,nearly a dozen established microbreweries and numerous contract and home brewers among its craft arsenal.

Rui Bento,founder and head brewer at Amnesia Brewery,is a shining example of Portugal's new generation of hopheads.At his day job,Bento keeps the peace as a police officer in the Lisbon suburb of Oeiras.Off-duty,his homebrews are changing Portugal one police officer at a time."A lot of my fellow officers have tried some of my beers and liked them lots,"he says."They now understand the difference between craft beer and industrial beer,and realise why I drink craft.I'm trying to show them that there’s another life beyond industrial beers!"