Lisbon travel guide,free things to do in Lisbon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 3, 2017
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Lisbon is a historic and vibrant city that contains a diverse selection of fascinating sights and engaging activities,all of which combine to create a wonderful holiday destination.Following our Lisbon travel guide,to enjoy a holiday there and to experience free things to do in Lisbon.

Lisbon travel guide

Explore the Alfama District

The Alfama district is one of the gems of central Lisbon.The area is a labyrinth of narrow streets that climb from the river up to the ancient castle.These narrow cobble streets are inaccessible for motorised traffic and the only way to explore is on foot.

The two stand out monuments are the Se Cathedral and Saint Anthony’s church(both free to enter),while away from the tourist trails Portuguese women can be seen gossiping between the balconies of the houses.From the vantage point of the Santa Luzia plaza there are panoramic views across the hap-hazardous roofs of Alfama and out to the Tejo estuary.An enjoyable half day can be easily spent exploring the district,which costs absolutely nothing.

Ride the number 28 tram

The number 28 tram route passes through many of the most interesting regions of Lisbon.The tram route begins in the grand plaza of Baixa before passing through pretty Graça,hilly Alfama,trendy Bairro Alto and terminating outside the mighty Estrela basilica.

The entire tram journey takes 40 minutes and is the best inexpensive way to view the city.The trams themselves are as much a tourist attraction as the journey and are painted bright yellow,with polished wood interiors and were originally constructed in the 1930.A single fare costs€2.90 when purchased from the tram driver but this is reduced to€1.45 is purchased from a metro station.