Lisbon Travel Advice,Free activities and things to do in Lisbon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 30, 2017
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Lisbon is an ideal holiday location for visitors with limited funds as there is a wide selection of free or relatively cheap activities.Our Lisbon travel advice,to tell you the free activities and things to do in Lisbon.

things to do in Lisbon

The Séde Lisboa Cathedral

The solid and imposing Séde Lisboa is the mighty cathedral of Lisbon,which has been intertwined in Portuguese history since the early foundation of the country.The gothic cathedral was constructed on the site of an important mosque and stamped the dominance of the Christian Crusades over the North African Moors.

The Parque das Nações

Parque das Nações was originally the site of Expo 98,and has since been transformed into the striking ultra-modern side of Lisbon.The district stretches along the banks of the Tejo estuary and is ideal for families,as it contains the wonderful Lisbon Aquarium(Oceanarium).Other attractions include a cable car,the Lisbon Casino and a large shopping complex.

things to do in Lisbon

The Torre de Belem

The Torre de Belem(Tower of Belem)is a delightful fortification that once guarded Lisbon and the mouth of the River Tagus.The small Manueline styled tower was first sight of home for returning Portuguese sailors during the 16th century and since then the tower has become the icon of Lisbon.

The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos was originally designed as a modest monastery but the wealth from the spice trade transformed the project into the most extravagant religious building of Portugal.The monastery is a wonder both of engineering and artistic design,with the ornate carved entrance and tall spindly columns that survived the 1755 earthquake.