Lisbon Indoors Scenes&Family Vacation Destination

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 7, 2017
  3. Europe
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Portugal is known for its sunny days and sea breeze.And,Lisbon is built accordingly;it’s a beautiful place to simply stroll around outdoors.Lisbon indoors scenes&family vacation destination information you may interested in before your holiday there.If you do need to spend a day indoors during your visit to Lisbon,like us,there are a couple of options to consider.

Lisbon Indoors Scenes

Parque das Nações

When confronted with a stormy day in Lisbon,every local that I asked said that we should first go to the Oceanário at Parque das Nações,and then on to the neighboring science museum,Pavilhão do Conhecimento–Ciência Viva.They all proceeded to describe to me the elevated cable car,Telecabine Lisboa,which begins near the aquarium and runs along the river affording scenic views of the area.All of these sites in the Parque das Nações are conveniently located about a ten minute walk from the Oriente Metro station through the indoor Vasco da Gama Shopping Mall and an outdoor promenade(which would have been gorgeous in just about any other weather.)

We arrived at the Oceanário just before noon on a Sunday and found out firsthand how crowded it gets on a rainy weekend in Lisbon.But,once we accepted the crowds,we enjoyed a fabulous two hours exploring one of the top aquariums in Europe.The aquarium is built around a very large central tank which houses at least a dozen varieties of fish and several species of sharks.Around the central tank are other exhibits featuring marine life from around the globe including penguins,sea otters,and tropical fish.Yes,Disney lovers will happy to know that it’s quite easy to find a whole tank of“Nemo”fish in the tropical oceans section of the aquarium.