Lisbon Day trips on a Budget

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 30, 2017
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To schedule the Lisbon day trips on a budget.Lisbon is an ideal city for walking,there are many enjoyable routes that pass through interesting and varied areas.The Alfama district is simply too narrow for motorised vehicles and can only be explored on foot.Many of the iconic monuments of Lisbon can be viewed from the outside,and all of the important churches are free to enter.

Lisbon Day trips

When to Visit Lisbon for a Inexpensive Trip?

The height of the tourist season is during the summer months of June through to August and this is when accommodation sells out and flights are at their most expensive.Spring and autumn seasons are a great time of year to visit Lisbon,with pleasant weather,cheaper flights and the tourist attractions are less crowded.

The weather in winter is mild but there can be extended wet spells.Lisbon’s popularity has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years,so even during the winter there will be lots of tourists and a buzz about the city.

Lisbon Activities on a Budget

The Parque das Nações was the location of Expo’98 and the whole area has been developed into the ultra-modern side of historic Lisbon.The area stretches along the banks of the Tejo estuary and is filled with water focused exhibits and stands while running along the length is a cable car.