Inside Tip:This is an long article about the Lisbon day trip guide,and will provide suggestions for shorter or longer holiday and recommended day trips there.

Lisbon day trip guide

1 Week in Lisbon,a Suggested 7 Day Itinerary and Tour

Here is our suggested itinerary for a 1 week holiday to Lisbon.This recommended tour is suitable for the majority of visitors and all of the day trips can be reached using public transport.

1 Week Tour

Day 1–Alfama and Baixa districts

Day 2–Belem district(3/4 day)and Estrela

Day 3–Parque das Nações and north-central Lisbon

Day 4–Day trip to Sintra

Day 5–Day trip to Cascais

Day 6–Day on the Beaches(or Sintra day 2)

Day 7–Day trip to Mafra Friday or Saturday–Big night out in Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodre