Las Vegas Travel Guide,Why Go to Las Vegas and What You Need to Know

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  2. On May 22, 2017
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  We'd like to introduce the Las Vegas travel guide tips for you,and why go to Las Vegas,what you need to know.Sin City,America's Playground,the Entertainment Capital of the World...all worthy names for this Nevada hotspot.Think of Vegas as a theme park rather than a city—it can awe as much as it can overwhelm,and that's part of the appeal.This is a city where inhibitions are not welcome:Every night,Las Vegas draws pleasuremongers to the brightly lit Strip like moths to a flame.While you may not want to go as far as to re-enact"The Hangover,"you certainly don't want to leave without experiencing a bit of"Viva Las Vegas."Just remember:

Las Vegas travel guide tips

  What happens here,stays here.

  Today,Las Vegas can provide any kind of vacation you can imagine.You can opt for the traditional high-roller getaway complete with all-nighters at the blackjack table or TAO Nightclub.Or you can make it all about luxury with visits to hotel spas,high-end boutiques and gourmet restaurants.Las Vegas is also a great jumping-off point for outdoor activities,such as hiking in Red Rock Canyon or visiting the Hoover Dam.You can even bring the kids along:Underage travelers will get a kick out of a Cirque du Soleil performance,the Bellagio Fountain show and the Neon Museum.

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  What You Need to Know

  Prepare for desert weather

  Days in Vegas can be extremely hotel,but nighttime breezes(and casinos’AC)can be pretty chilly so be sure to bring a jacket.Ladies should also consider whether their high heels will be comfortable walking up and down the Strip.

Las Vegas travel guide tips

  The house always wins

  No matter how well your winning streak is going,it's bound to come to an end at some point.Remain both optimistic and realistic.

  Bring the kids

  While the casinos aren’t kid-friendly,there are plenty of attractions(like aquariums)that are wholesome fun for the whole family.