Las Vegas tours,Things to Know Before You Go

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  2. On Jan 21, 2018
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Planning your Las Vegas trip now?Choose the Las Vegas tours is a easy way,and things to know before you go.Come nightfall,explore the Vegas Strip via nightclub and food tours or bar crawls.But what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas:Some private hop-on hop-off limo tours come with personal photographers to document your big night out.Scenic nighttime helicopter rides are also extremely popular,allowing travelers to view the Strip in all its colorful,illuminated glory from above.

Las Vegas tours

Things to Know Before You Go

Most official Las Vegas nightclubs do not allow baggy jeans,sports hats,tennis shoes,or shorts.

Be aware that costumed characters on the strips expect payment if you’d like to snap a photo with them.

How to Get There

The Las Vegas Strip runs along Las Vegas Boulevard South,bounded by McCarran Airport to the south and downtown and Fremont Street to the north.Taxis are abundant,but you can also walk to and from many of the Strip’s destinations along the roadway—there are pedestrian walking bridges over the busiest intersections.

Las Vegas tours

When to Get There

If you’re flexible,head to the Strip between Sunday and Thursday when big conventions aren’t in town;you’ll have better room selection and rates are often lower.The weather is scorching in Las Vegas in summer and chiller than you’d expect in winter;July,August,and mid-December are considered off-season.Expect long wait times for taxis and dinner tables between 6 and 8pm each night.Vehicle traffic on the Strip is almost always busy,but especially so on weekends and holidays.