Las Vegas tours of Grand Canyon,things to do in Grand Canyon North Rim

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  2. On Jul 18, 2018
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Find the right Las Vegas tours of Grand Canyon with discount price on the website nowdays.And learn the tips about things to do in the North Rim on the site,which includes lectures and activities on geology,animals and birds and cultural history.Starting with a nature walk at 8:00am and ending with an evening program at 8:00pm,there are programs all day long to enjoy.North Rim Ranger Programs can be found at website.

Grand Canyon North Rim Scenic Drive

The remote quiet beauty of the North Rim can be appreciated on the Scenic drive.Along the route,there are pull-outs and viewpoints to see Point Imperial and Cape Royal.The drive usually takes a half a day if you enjoy short walks and photo opportunities.Point Imperial is approximately 11 miles or 20 minutes from the visitor center and Cape Royal is 23 miles or 45 minutes.There is a second,unpaved road that leads to Point Sublime,about 20 miles west of the visitor center

Las Vegas tours of Grand Canyon,things to do in Grand Canyon North Rim

Grand Canyon North Rim Visitor Center

The North Rim Visitor Center is located next to the parking lot for Grand Canyon Lodge and has park information,maps,exhibits,ranger programs as well as a bookstore.This is a good place to start when exploring the North Rim.

Grand Canyon Lodge

This historic lodge was built in 1927 with natural stone and timber to complement beauty of the Canyon.A destructive fire brought about renovations in the late 1930’s but the reconstruction strengthened the lodge and cabins to withstand the harsh winters of the North Rim.