What you need to know before your Las Vegas trip? Our travel tips as below, and you can book the Las Vegas tour from Los Angeles on the website with discount price now. You can opt for the traditional high-roller getaway complete with all-nighters at the blackjack table or TAO Nightclub.

Prepare for desert weather

Days in Vegas can be extremely hotel, but nighttime breezes (and casinos’ AC) can be pretty chilly so be sure to bring a jacket. Ladies should also consider whether their high heels will be comfortable walking up and down the Strip.

The house always wins

No matter how well your winning streak is going, it's bound to come to an end at some point. Remain both optimistic and realistic.

Bring the kids

While the casinos aren’t kid-friendly, there are plenty of attractions (like aquariums) that are wholesome fun for the entire family.

Las Vegas tour from Los Angeles, What You Need to Know before your Las Vegas trip

Culture & Customs

People tend to visit Las Vegas to release their inhibitions, win (or, most likely, lose) their money and sample the carefree life. It's a place for escapists, promising to keep your vacation secrets. Be prepared for nonstop entertainment and pure, American-style debauchery.

But that doesn't mean you can go buck-wild and get away with it. Hotels, casinos, restaurants and clubs will expect you to behave appropriately, and those who don't follow the rules won't be let off easy. If you're smart and exercise common sense, your stay in Las Vegas should remain safe and enjoyable. As far as safety is concerned, you should take some extra precautions when on the Strip or in a casino. Cash and alcohol run wild, often placing travelers in compromising situations. Don't overindulge in alcohol, and keep your winnings to yourself to avoid attracting unwanted attention. When on the Strip, never walk alone in the evenings, be mindful of the busy road and follow all street signals and applicable laws.

You should also note that many establishments (including high-end restaurants and nightclubs) enforce dress codes that may require you to wear semi-formal attire. Be sure to check before you plan your outfit for the evening.

Believe it or not, there is more to this town than bustling casino floors and questionable decision-making: Las Vegas caters to a wide variety of travel types with its host of fine dining establishments, world-renowned entertainment and even family-friendly activities. While you're here, take some time away from the casino floor to get to know the other sides of America's Playground – learn about its history at the Neon Museum, enjoy its surroundings at Red Rock Canyon or try a different type of play at the casinos' aquariums, zoos and amusement parks.

How to Save Money in Las Vegas?

Do your research There's no shortage of online deals on flights and hotel rooms, so be diligent about making travel plans and save the spontaneity for after you've checked in.

Ditch the car Traffic on the Strip can be mind-boggling; you'll be better off relying on public transportation and your own two feet. Note: If you're cabbing into the city from the airport, make sure to tell your driver to take Swenson Street – it's cheaper than using the airport tunnel.

Cut yourself off Winning feels amazing, but there comes a point when the tables start to turn. Decide how much you're willing to spend at the casinos before you arrive in Vegas, and make sure to stop yourself before Lady Luck robs you blind.