Schedule your Summer Break in South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park by our travel tips on the site,or just to take the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus tours to visit the place is also an easy way.

The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is the most visited rim and accessible year round.Grand Canyon visitors who come to the South Rim often find Grand Canyon hotels and lodging in Williams,Flagstaff,Sedona and Tusayan.

South Rim Hotels&Lodging

First,decide how long you want to spend at the Grand Canyon.Most visitors only need enough time to view the Canyon,take some pictures and maybe a short walk or hike.If this sounds like your plan,one day is enough and you might want to stay in a nearby town such as Flagstaff or Sedona where there are other entertainment and dining options.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus tours,Summer Break in South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

South Rim Tours

Going on a Grand Canyon tour is highly recommended.As spectacular as the Grand Canyon is to see,it's equally spectacular in its detail.Grand Canyon helicopter tours,guided hikes,ground tours and the famous Colorado river rafting trips are all worth the time and money.Knowledgeable tour guides provide insight and perspective on just how special this Natural Wonder of the World really is and what makes absolutely unqiue.

South Rim tours often leave from Williams,Flagstaff and Sedona depending on the tour you take.There are also helicopter tours from the West Rim that go to the South Rim leaving from the Las Vegas area.Whatever you decide,make sure to take a little extra time to take a tour.It'll make your trip that much more worth while.