Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon Vacation

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 3, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Antelope Canyon isn't limited to visitors to Page - our Las Vegas terminal offers daily tours! To shchedule your Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon vacation and book the bus tours to visit the place with deals on the site nowdays. The undulation of the walls is what causes the world-famous light shafts to filter through to the bottom of the canyon. Catching a glimpse of these sun beams is a photographer dream - in fact, they are the subject of the most expensive photo ever sold.

Both canyons are stunning, but when you see photos of Antelope Canyon, they are usually of Upper Antelope Canyon. If you want photos of the light beams, you want to visit the upper canyon midday, preferably between 10:30 am and 1 pm.

Your Only Chance for a Photography Tour

Photographic tours are no longer being offered at Lower Antelope Canyon (as of January 2018). If you want to take a photography tour of Antelope Canyon, now you can only do so at the upper canyon.

Is a photography tour worth it? I say yes!! I took a photography tour and had an awesome experience. It’s expensive but it is worth it if you want those photos of falling sands and light beams without other people in your photos.

Note: The company we used, Antelope Slot Canyon Tours, no longer offers a photographic tour of the upper canyon (as of Spring 2018). I did see that a company called Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours does still offer a photographic tour of the upper canyon.