Las Vegas and Grand Canyon trip,Things to know about the Grand Canyon

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Book the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon trip on the website.When you embark on one of the Grand Canyon tours with us you’ll be experiencing the canyon at its very best.The Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails offer stunning views,but if hiking's not your cup of tea,rent a bicycle or take a scenic drive through the park.

With our Grand Canyon tours will allow you to enjoy the landscape,the scenery and the history.You can choose tours during the day or as the sun sets.We offer flights that take you into the canyon,allowing you to explore the areas that are of the utmost interest to you.

Things to know about the Grand Canyon:

The road to the Grand Canyon from the south crosses a gently rising plateau that gives no hint at what is about to unfold.You wonder if you have made a wrong turn.All at once an immense gorge a mile deep and up to 18 miles wide opens up.The scale is so vast that even from the best vantage point only a fraction of the canyon's 277 miles can be seen.

Nearly five million people travel here each year;90 percent first see the canyon from the South Rim with its dramatic views into the deep inner gorge of the Colorado River.So many feet have stepped cautiously to the edge of major overlooks that in places the rock has been polished smooth.But most of the park's 1,904 square miles are maintained as wilderness.You can avoid crowds by hiking the park's many trails or driving to the cool evergreen forests of the North Rim where people are fewer and viewing is more leisurely.The Grand Canyon boasts some of the nation's cleanest air,with visibility on clear days averaging 90 to 110 miles.

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon trip,Things to know about the Grand Canyon

It's hard to look at the canyon and not be curious about geology.Rock that dates back 1.8 billion years lies at the bottom.Exactly how the river formed the canyon is still unclear,but geologists generally agree that most of the cutting occurred within the last five million years.

Places to stay in Grand Canyon:


The milky blue waters of the Little Colorado River are irresistible on a hot day in the park.The stream's color comes from calcium carbonate and copper sulfate minerals.


Orderly niches called granaries are tucked into the cliff face of Nankoweap Canyon.The ancestral Puebloan people—the first to live in the Grand Canyon area—built the granaries to store threshed grain and other goods.


Averaging a thousand feet(300 meters)higher than the South Rim,the North Rim’s alpine vegetation and more varied vistas appeal to many travelers.The North Rim is also home to several distinctive rock formations like the Esplanade,or Hermit Shale,pictured here.