Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tours,Explore Grand Canyon in-depth

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To explore Grand Canyon in-depth in this season,or book the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tours on the website and to visit the place easily.Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga says he is pleased that American Rivers has recognized the need to protect the park from development and mining.


“Unfortunately,there is a lot of misinformation about our activities,”Moore wrote in an emailed statement.“All we are doing at these small mines is removing uranium-bearing rock from a less than 20-acre site.Our mines,which are regulated as‘zero discharge’facilities,pose no threat to the Grand Canyon,water,or the natural environment.”American Rivers also cites potential impacts of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade.

Las Vegas and Grand Canyon tours,Explore Grand Canyon in-depth

Since 2012,a private developer has been negotiating with the Navajo Nation to build hotels,restaurants,a dude ranch,and a spa at the rim and the gondola tramway into the canyon.Down at river level,at the confluence of the Colorado and the Little Colorado Rivers,plans include a two-story restaurant and elevated walkways.The project has not been approved by the Navajo Nation Tribal Council,and it has caused debates on the reservation and among other local tribes over whether the development would amount to a slap at Native American culture,or a much-needed economic boost.The Tribal Council might vote on the proposal this summer.

The American Rivers group is concerned about the construction of the tramway and the related attractions—how bulldozers and cranes would be lowered into the canyon,for example—and about the potential impact of new visitors arriving in the canyon via the tramway.The group also worries about water use and sewage treatment for the development at the rim.

Calls to the developer seeking comment were not returned.But on its website,Confluence Partners,a group representing developer R.Lamar Whitmer and some Navajo leaders,says that the project would not affect sacred sites and that it would be“one of the most environmentally friendly and green projects ever built."

The nearby town of Tusayan plans to expand from about 200 to more than 2,000 homes,with an additional three million square feet of commercial space,in anticipation of a tourism boom.

“The National Park Service preserves and protects America’s special places—but even with the bodies of law that protect a place like Grand Canyon,external threats continue to be real,”he says.

But on each of these issues,Eberle says,the Interior Department,which oversees the National Park Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs,should ensure a more sustainable future for the river,wildlife,and local communities.

“These three things all have actions that are happening in the next 12 months,and all are potentially damaging to the spirit of the canyon,the spirit of the park,and the actual health of the river itself,”Eberle says.