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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 11, 2017
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With such a wealth of world famous museums,monuments,art galleries,fine dining restaurants,and designer boutiques,Paris defies limitation to a few constrained itineraries.Our Paris Tours Guides will be delighted to talk to you about your individual interests and Landmarks&Monuments in Paris.

Paris Tours Guides

The Capital of Culture

Paris has an abundance of stunning architecture,fascinating museums,and world-class restaurants and shops.You can spend days just exploring the streets,sampling the foods,or merely sitting on the banks of the Seine and watching the world go by.Here are a few suggestions of places you shouldn’t miss.

The Arc de Triomphe

The panoramic views from the top of the Arc de Triomphe are best towards dusk on a sunny day.The marble of the Grande Arche de la Defence sparkles in the setting sun and the iconic glass pyramid of the Louvre is bathed in light.The Arc de Triomphe was built in 1806,at the end of the Austerlitz battle,when Napoleon 1st declared to his men,“You will come back home under triumphal arches”.In the center of the Arc de Triomphe is the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a poignant ceremony is conducted every evening at 6.30pm,when war veterans stoke up the flame at the tomb.This moving ritual is within a few minutes walk from the hotel.

La Tour Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower was built by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 Exposition Universelle and initially the world’s tallest structure.Located near the Seine it is the 2nd most visited monument in France–and the monument that best symbolizes Paris.Get there early to avoid the queues.