Landmark Attractions In & Around Barcelona

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Barcelona city travel ideas guide you to enjoy the most famous landmark attractions in & around Barcelona. 2 places don't miss during your Barcelona vacation.

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Sagrada Família

The Sagrada Família is Barcelona's most famous landmark. The modernist church is far from completed though, it will take several more decades before the building and its 18 towers will be finished. The Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí's unfinished masterpiece, is one of Barcelona's most popular tourist attractions. Construction on this church will continue for at least another decade, but it has already become Barcelona's most important landmark.

Antoni Gaudí's Design -- One year later, the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí took over as lead architect at the age of thirty-one. From that moment on, Gaudí devoted most of his life to the construction of the church.

Instead of sticking to the original plans, Gaudí changed the design drastically. The neo-Gothic style made way for Gaudí's trademark modernist style, which was based on forms found in nature. When he died in 1926 only one facade (the Nativity Facade), one tower, the apse and the crypt were finished.

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Because Gaudí was constantly improvising and changing the design while construction was going on, he left few designs and models. And most of these were destroyed in 1936 during the Civil War.

Plaça de Catalunya

The Plaça de Catalunya is Barcelona's busiest square, located between the old city and the modernist Eixample district. It is also the start of the Rambla, the city's famous boulevard. The Plaça de Catalunya, a large plaza surrounded by monumental buildings, is Barcelona's busiest square. It is located between the old city (Ciutat Vella) and the nineteenth century Eixample district.

Two of Barcelona's most famous streets, the Rambla (a wide promenade in the old city) and the Passeig de Gràcia (a grand showcase of modernist architecture in Eixample) start at the Plaça de Catalunya.

Even though the square is enormous in size, it is constantly crowded with people walking to and from one of the nine streets emanating from the square.