LA to Yellowstone Tour Insider Tips For Visiting Yellowstone

  1. By John
  2. On Sep 26, 2018
  3. North America
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We've collected the most frequently asked questions about visiting Yellowstone National Park to help make your adventure planning a breeze! And you can book the LA to Yellowstone tour on the site to visit the place.



First-time Yellowstone Visitors:

Where and how long should I stay if it is my first time coming to the park?

For first-timers, a three-day visit is the recommended minimum for exploring Yellowstone and seeing the highlights of the park. Check out our three-day itinerary to learn how to maximize your time at Yellowstone!

Where you stay depends on what you are looking for. Canyon Village is an ideal location for first-time Yellowstone visitors. It’s centrally located, so it’s easy for visitors to explore different areas of the park. It’s also the largest sustainable lodging in the park. Lake Yellowstone Hotel is classic and elegant on the shore of Yellowstone Lake. If you love wildlife, Mammoth Hot Springs is located in the Northern Range which is a hub for elk, bison, bear, and wolf activity. If you’re a geyser gazer, the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, Old Faithful Lodge, and Old Faithful Inn and prime locations. For a rustic, quiet atmosphere stay at the Roosevelt Lodge, Grant Village, or Lake Lodge.

What can I do to see and/or experience as much of the park as possible?

Signing up for one of the guided tour options is a great way to discover Yellowstone’s highlights and get a good introduction to what the park has to offer. Try the Yellowstone in a Day tour or Circle of Fire tour. Experience the flavor of the Old West with a dinner cookout, or tour the park on horseback or via scenicruise tour for a more immersive experience.