Italy and France Vacation Packages Travel Guide for France Holiday

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 31, 2018
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Get a good idea of the country before you go. This will help you work out which of the many varied regions to choose. France is the largest country in western Europe, so the choice is yours. To book the Italy and France vacation packages on the site to enjoy the holiday there.

Travel guide for France holiday

Do understand basic French dining etiquette

As one of the world’s sought-after gastronomic destinations, France has the most delicious, sumptuous and mouth watering food selection as discussed in detail by our 50 French Food for All Seasons article. Before indulging though, it’s proper etiquette to learn basic French table and dining manners.

Once seated, immediately place your napkin in your lap and keep your hands on the table while elbows are off the table during the meal. You should also note that wine glasses are filled only ever half way and never to the brim. Bread is broken and never cut. Salad is folded using your fork and never cut with a knife or fork. When eating fruits, peel and slice it first. When slicing cheese, do not do it off the point.

Coffee and tea are often ordered for breakfast but seldom for other meals of the day. If you must drink one for lunch or dinner though, you should order it after dessert and not with your dessert.

Finally, eating on the go is never appreciated in France though this is gradually changing. The French still prefer and love to take time to savor every bite and sit when eating. If you want to experience what all the fuss about French cuisine is, you should follow their lead.

Do tip your waiter when ordering in cafes and restaurants

Unlike in America, tipping in France, particularly in Paris, works out differently. When dining in restaurants and cafes, the tip is already included in your check as required by French law. It is the 15% service charge or “service compris” you see in your check. Giving a little extra tip to your waiter, however, is highly encouraged and appreciated. You are not obligated to do so but it’s common courtesy nonetheless.

Giving tips to taxi drivers, restroom attendants, and usherettes are also encouraged. An extra tip doesn’t have to be big, just a couple of euros as your way of saying thank you.