Istanbul sightseeing guides,what to see in Istanbul

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  2. On Jan 8, 2018
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What to see in Istanbul?Your Istanbul trip isn’t complete without sailing the Bosphorus.Jaw-dropping views of iconic landmarks glide by as you relax in the comfort of a private boat.Options include either a taste of the morning bustle at the Spice Bazaar or a panoramic view of the Golden Horn in the afternoon.Istanbul sightseeing guides as below:

Istanbul sightseeing guides

Yedikule Fortress(Yedikule Hısarı)

Although it's a bit of a schlep on the suburban train to get out to Yedikule,this commanding fortress is well worth it.Built in the 5th century by the Emperor Theodosius II,the fortress made up the southern section of Constantinople's defensive walls.The mammoth arch(blocked up in the late Byzantine period)was known as Porta Aurea(Golden Gate),with doors plated in gold.When the Ottomans conquered the city they used the fortress for defense,and later as a prison and execution place.Yedikule has been restored in recent years,and you can climb up to the top of the battlements for superb views across the Sea of Marmara.

Location:Yedikule Sokak,Yedikule

Galata Tower

This Genoese tower was built in the 14th century and is one of Istanbul's most recognisable landmarks.There are great panoramic views over the city from the top balcony.

Location:Bankalar Caddesi,Karaköy