Istanbul short trip guides,Istanbul day trips and sightseeing

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 10, 2018
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To have a Istanbul day trip and sightseeing with our Istanbul short trip guides.Visit the Blue Mosque,admiring the well-proportioned courtyard and the blue Iznik tiles that adorn this 17th-century place of worship would be a good experience during your Istanbul trip.Continue on to the Hippodrome of Constantinople,an ancient Byzantine arena that once hosted lively chariot races and sporting events.Check out the towering Obelisk of Theodosius,the ancient bronze Serpent Column,and the gazebo-styled German Fountain,built to commemorate the 1898 visit of Emperor Wilhelm II to Istanbul.

Istanbul short trip guides

Hop over to the Asian continent

Most visitors tend to stick to the European side,but if you venture over to the Asian side via ferry,you’ll find that the city has more of a local feel.The pace of life seems a bit slower and there are hardly any tourists around.

Eat Turkish ice cream

Turkish ice cream is called dondurma which literally means freezing.What makes Turkish ice cream different from other types of ice cream is that it has a rather sticky texture and it is a bit more resistant to melting.Don’t believe me?Take a bite and try not to get the stringy ice cream all over your face.