Istanbul holiday packages,famous spots in Istanbul

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Istanbul holiday packages

Grand Bazaar(KapalıÇarşı)

For many visitors,sightseeing in Istanbul is as much about shopping as museums and monumental attractions,and the Grand Bazaar is where everyone comes.This massive covered market is basically the world's first shopping mall;taking up a whole city quarter,surrounded by thick walls,between the Nure Osmanıye Mosque and Beyazıt Mosque.The Beyazıt Mosque(built in 1498-1505)itself occupies the site of Theodosius I's Forum and has architecture inspired by the Aya Sofya.

Entrance to the bazaar is through one of 11 gates from where a maze of vaulted-ceiling laneways,lined by shops and stalls selling every Turkish souvenir and handicraft you could imagine,cover the area.The various trades are still mostly segregated into particular sections,which makes browsing easier.Near the bazaar's Divanyolu Caddesi entrance is the Burned Column.This stump(still 40 meters high)of a porphyry column was set up by Constantine the Great in his forum.Until 1105 it bore a bronze statue of Constantine.

Location:Beyazıt Meydanı,Beyazıt