Introduction to Grand Canyon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 26, 2017
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Today we will introduce the Grand Canyon which is a steep-sided?canyon?carved by the?Colorado River?in the state of?Arizona?in the United States.

A famous American John Muir said in 1898: "The Grand unearthly in the color and grandeur and quantity of its architecture as if you had found it after death on some other star."

Introduction to Grand Canyon

From the depths of the canyon comes welling silence. Seldom can you hear the roar of the river.You cannot catch the patter. Like applause, from the leaves of the cottonwoods on the shelf-like plateau below you. For all sounds are swallowed in this gulf of space. 'It makes one want to murmur.' A woman once whispered to her companion. This silence is not the silence of death; rather, it is a presence. It is like a great piece of music. But music made of man works up to a climax and ceases; the Grand Canyon is all climax, a chord echoing into eternity.

Perhaps the most spectacular feature of the Grand Canyon, its Redwall limestone cliff, stands about half way up the chasm and is practically vertical. Its average height is 550 feet --- almost exactly that of the Washington Monument. Though it is actually gray-blue limestone, the surface of the cliff has been stained to a sunset hue by iron salts washing out of the rocks. Above the Redwall come alternating layers of red sandstone and shale 1,000 feet thick, then comes the next pale-blue layer. The topmost layers are a yellowish limestone.

1. Top Reasons to Go

Its Status -- This is one of those places where you really want to say, "Been there, done that!"

Awesome Vistas -- Painted Desert, sandstone canyon walls, pine and fir forests, mesas, plateaus, volcanic features, the Colorado River, streams, and waterfalls make for some jaw-dropping moments.

Year-round Adventure -- Outdoor junkies can bike, boat, camp, fish, hike, ride mules, white-water raft, watch birds and wildlife, cross-country ski, and snowshoe.

Continuing Education -- Adults and kids can have fun learning, thanks to free park-sponsored nature walks and interpretive programs.

Sky-high and River-low Experiences -- Experience the canyon via plane, train, and automobile, as well as by helicopter, row- or motorboat, bike, mule, or foot.

2. What to Do

Stand at any viewpoint on the rim of the Grand Canyon and the awe-inspiring vista of the stratified rocks and layered side canyons is equally heart-stirring and mind-boggling. But if you are going to drive the approximately 5 hours from Las Vegas or Phoenix to the South Rim, for example, you may want to consider making more of your visit than just observing, taking photos and repeating, "Wow. Awesome." at each viewpoint. Reserve a popular Grand Canyon tour package, or create your own vacation with 1-2 nights of nearby lodging, and set aside a full day to enjoy a guided hiking, railroad, helicopter, van or rafting tour.

Most of the 5 million visitors who come to the Grand Canyon each year stick to the rim; standing at one of the dozens of viewpoints along the South, North and West Rims and just gazing in astonishment. But there's more to visiting this Natural Wonder, beyond just seeing the Grand Canyon. At every level, the is here to help you experience it. Plan your visit, and select your individual needs, wants and preferences to customize a Grand Canyon visit tailor-made just for you. You can soar high above the Kaibab Plateau in a helicopter; go back in time, retracing the Santa Fe line on the Grand Canyon Railway; or venture down into the chasm on a day hike, overnight backpacking trip, boat ride, rafting trip or mule ride.

Grand Canyon Trip

A visit to Grand Canyon can be whatever you want it to be: as tame or adventurous; as simple or inclusive; as affordable or indulgent. On the order of tame, simple, and affordable, there's nothing wrong with visiting the Grand Canyon on a day trip and casually walking the Rim Trail, taking the shuttle bus to different viewpoints and spending time in the Visitor's Centers. Check out the National Park Service's free Ranger Talks and get the most out of a full day's exploration without breaking much of a sweat or the bank.

If you have a little bigger activity budget and a taste for moderate adventure, but only a day or a day-and-a-half at the Grand Canyon, we recommend you embark on a helicopter tour, air tour, Skywalk package or railway adventure. You can also opt to go below the South rim on a self-guided hike, or take a Jeep tour, or 1-day river rafting adventure from Peach Springs nearer to the West Rim. Grand Canyon tours are available year round and often last minute deals are a great way to seize the day!

If you've got more time to dedicate to both advance planning (8 - 12 months) and your vacation to the Grand Canyon and a more robust budget, you can really create the adventure of a lifetime. Let's say you want to retrace John Wesley Powell's exploration of the Colorado River; book at least a 3-day whitewater rafting trip; some outfitters even offer 21-day river trips. Ever dreamed of hiking rim-to-rim (or even rim-to-rim-to-rim) to conquer the ultimate Grand Canyon challenge? Prepare yourself physically, hook up with a professional backpacking guide, book a mule trip and reserve your stay at Phantom Ranch.

Of course I recommend you to take a Grand Canyon bus tour for saving labor and money, but have more fun.