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  2. On Nov 26, 2018
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While Iceland looks like it’s floating at the edge of the Earth, it’s actually more accessible than ever. It’s a short nonstop flight from the East Coast of the United States, and European travelers can even reach its rugged shores by ferry. Iceland package tours with discount price offered on the site.


Transportation about Iceland

Bargain airfare prices have undercut the major transatlantic players, with Icelandair and Wow Air servicing Keflavík International Airport (about a 50-minute drive from Reykjavík) directly from dozens of major U.S. cities. Car rentals are the most convenient way to explore the island, although mountain roads and general off-roading should be left to experienced guides. There’s one ribbon of road—Route 1—that travelers can follow for a complete loop around Iceland.

Know Before You Go to Iceland

Iceland’s postcrash reputation as a budget-friendly destination is very much a thing of the past. The depression on the currency has lifted and prices have inflated considerably—liquor and food are particularly expensive. With the veritable avalanche of tourism over the last five years, we recommend limiting the amount of time you spend in Reykjavík (a city with the population of New York City’s SoHo neighborhood). Instead, venture out to explore the smaller towns and villages scattered around Iceland’s coast.



Iceland enjoys a cool temperate maritime climate thanks to the Gulf Stream, but the weather is known to change quickly and often. Icelanders have a saying: “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” No matter the season, visitors should always have wind and water resistant outerwear as well as extra thermal layers on hand before heading out on excursions.

As for winter, Iceland is not all covered by ice and snow as its name would suggest. In fact, outside of the higher altitudes or parts of North Iceland, snowfall rarely stays on the ground longer than a few days. Rain is more common, with October being the wettest month. Also, the cool northerly winds can be strong at times so we recommend an insulated or down jacket for winter visits.