How will you choose to visit Niagara Falls?

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  2. On Mar 28, 2017
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Niagara Falls;is the largest transnational waterfall in the world,and known as the three major transnational waterfall along with Iguazu Falls and Vitoria Falls.It is formed twelve thousand years ago and often considered as the uncanny workmanship of nature's masterpieces.Every year,about 14,000,000 people will come to witness such a magnificent wonder in the world.It is really the crystallization of strength and beauty,but only can be formed by nature.

We believe that you heard of the Niagara Falls on a Geography class.Too much words to describe its beauty but there is no word can truly and veritably speak out Niagara Falls’power and magnificent scale.And even the superb PS technology cannot convey the feeling,only way is to feel on the scene!It’s a must to go in your lifetime!

To be absolutely honest,no matter what grant waterfalls you have seen before,you will feel they are too small when you standing in front of the Niagara Falls!If you managed to go to the United States or Canada,absolutely you can not miss the opportunity to see the Niagara Falls.But there is a question:Which side should we visit Niagara Falls?US Side or Canada Side?

visit Niagara Falls

The 2 main falls of Niagara Falls are respectively Horseshoe Falls and American falls,and many people are used to calling a fine waterfall besides the American Falls as the Bridal Veil Falls.The American Falls,the Bridal Veil Falls and 1/3 of Horseshoe Falls close to US are located in the territory of the United States range.

However,the advantage in the number of waterfalls doesn’t work.In fact,the two main falls of Niagara Falls are facing Canada,so it means that if you want to see the full view of the waterfalls,the invincible position to sightsee them is in Canada for best view.

But,after all,not everyone will go to Canada for the Niagara Falls,so there are different routes to Niagara Falls.

Route Choices

Why it is so important to choose a route?Because it will fundamentally affect what kind of visa you need to apply for.Here are some route choices for you to visit Niagara Falls:

1)Join a bus tour to Niagara Falls form New York,Washington D.C.or Boston,passing by Buffalo to head for the falls;

2)Drive by yourselves from New York or take a flight from other U.S.City to Buffalo,then continue drive from Buffalo to the falls for half an hour;

3)Drive by yourselves from the U.S.border to the Canadian side of the Niagara and watch the Niagara Falls from Canada side with best view;

4)Drive by yourselves from Toronto to the falls.

Route 3 requires travelers to apply for a visa in advance of the United States and Canada,but route 1,2,4 only need a visa.No matter which route you will choose,you are suggested to stay at least 2 days.However,you will enjoy differently if you choose different routes.

Niagara Falls bus tours

Here are choices to visit the Niagara Falls in US side or Canada Side:

1)US Side

To sightsee the Niagara Falls in US Side,you can choose to drive to Buffalo,and on the second day,drive to the falls,or you can book the hotel in front of Niagara Falls State Park ahead of time.

If you want to take a close look at the waterfall,you can purchase the ticket(USA discover pass),which contains 5 main attractions:Maid of Mist,Cave of the Winds,Niagara Falls IMAX Movie,Niagara Aquarium and Niagara Gorge discover center.But but the most worth to go are Maid of Mist and Cave of the Winds,so you may also buy the tickets directly.


If you take the Maid of Mist to see the waterfall in the morning,the backlight will appear and affect the photography.So you are suggested to take it in the afternoon.If possible,try your best to stand in the front or on the left of the boat.

In addition,you can choose other viewpoints:Luna Island Observation Tower over Bridal Veil Falls and Terrapin Point In?the?southwestern corner?of?Goat Island.From here,you can see the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls,and also enjoy the Niagara Falls Illumination.It’s very fantastic when different colored lights are projected on the falls!


Time Schedule:Arrive at the park at noon and have lunch nearby.After finishing the two activities,you can go to Luna Island for beautiful view.Then,you can head to Observation Tower to watch the Niagara Falls Illumination.The sunset time is late in Summer and the light show generally start until 9:00pm,so you are suggested to stay overnight near the waterfall in order to have more time in Niagara Falls.

bus tours to Niagara Falls

2)Canada Side

To sightsee the Niagara Falls in Canada Side,you can drive from Toronto for 2 hours,or you can have a night in the town named Niagara on the Lake.If you love Icewine,you have not to miss this town because it is famous as origin of Icewine in Canada.

Canada Niagara Falls discover pass includes 4 attractions:Maid of the Mist Tour,Journey Behind the Falls,White Water Walk and 4D movie about its formation.


You will receive a raincoat before on the board,but for safety's sake,you would better wear a pair of sandals and do not carry too many things.Due to the waterfall spattering,please use a good waterproof equipment for taking pictures.

In general,compared to the Niagara Falls in US Side,Niagara Falls in Canada Side and the surrounding town surrounding are more suitable for both adults and children.

So after reading above,how will choose to Niagara Falls?