How To Travel To Europe On A Budget Cheapest Europe Tour Packages

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 12, 2018
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Here’s the thing about visiting Europe⋯you could travel for over 12 months and still feel like you’ve missed a lot. Everyone has difficulty choosing where to visit. It’s probably the most common struggle. To find the cheapest Europe tour packages on the site and planning your trip by our tips.


Accommodation on a Budget

The best way to save on accommodation in Europe is to avoid hotels. Between the lively atmosphere of a backpackers or a youth hostel, renting from locals, or utilizing the sharing economy, there are many cheap, safe and more entertaining options for accommodation over that of a hotel.

Backpackers / Hostel

The traditional alternative to a hotel is a backpackers or youth hostel. In terms of standard, Europe has some of the highest quality youth hostels in the world, and you can always find one in a central location.

It generally costs around ü20-29 per night for a bed in a shared dorm depending on which city you’re in, though many hostels also provide private rooms. Extras will vary, though usually internet, breakfast and free walking / pub crawls are included (check if you have to pay extra for lockers or linen).

Renting a Local Apartment

Hostels charge per person, per night, so if traveling with friends sometimes it can be cheaper to rent an apartment or room privately.

This will offer much more space, though keep in mind if you’re renting a house or apartment privately not to expect services like 24 hour reception which you would find at a hostel. is a great resource which also lists couches and shared rooms too.

Pro Tip: Don’t sacrifice location for small savings on accommodation. If you’re trying to decide between different accommodations, we recommend giving preference to a more central location.

Budget travelers have a tendency to fall into the trap of choosing a hotel in a far-flung location that’s ü5 cheaper than one in a more central neighborhood. But you’ll spend more than what you saved on transportation, especially if you’re so far out that you have to take a taxi.