How to Save Money in London?Take Your London Vacation On Budget

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 11, 2017
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How to take your London vacation on Budget?How to Save Money in London?Find the free attractions Many of London's top things to do,including the National Gallery,the British Museum and Hyde Park,are absolutely free to enjoy.

London Vacation

Get an Oyster Card London's subway,otherwise known as"the Tube"is the easiest way to get around the city,but can add up quickly if you buy tickets daily.Oyster Card fares are not only cheaper,but will make you feel like a local.

Dine smart Corridors like Brick Lane offer fantastic ethnic food for bargain prices;fish-and-chip shops are a cheap standby(not to mention a cultural must),and takeaway food costs less than dine-in.

Aside from a few select phrases and words,Americans find the city accessible because of London's official English language.British people are very polite and quite friendly to tourists,so don't be afraid to ask for directions if you're lost.More often than not Londoners are happy to point you in the right direction,or even offer a recommendation about their city.But keep in mind that the British like order.There is no better example than how you are expected to behave on the Tube(London's subway).Make sure to stand to the right when going up or down escalators.