How to Rock the Canadian

  1. By Globerouter
  2. On Aug 11, 2019
  3. North America
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The Canadian Rocky Mountains feature on many a traveller's bucket list, and for good reason. The open green spaces will delight nature lovers, while the hiking trails are enough to excite any adventurous soul. Like any travel experience, the Rockies have their highlights, and you'll want to be prepared if you're going to see them all in one go.


Go with a plan 


Planning your Canadian Rockies vacation carefully is a good idea if you want to make the most of your time amongst the mountains. Peak hiking season runs from mid-June to mid-September, and this is the only time of year during which you'll be able to climb the mountains, but that doesn't mean you'll run out of things to do. Before locking in any plans, you should also consider the weather and seasonal activities on offer, like snow festivals. For international visitors, the easiest way to get to the Canadian Rockies is via Calgary International Airport. Not only is Calgary Airport the best place to find regular transport direct to the mountains, but you'll find that the city itself is a great spot for a day tour. Organising everything for yourself guarantees a unique and memorable experience, but if you would rather let someone else take care of the details, there are plenty of great tour options available to visitors.


Conquer the peaks

The Canadian Rockies deliver above and beyond expectations when it comes to hiking opportunities. With multiple peaks offering views from every vantage point, you'll have the chance to see the view over Canada in many different lights. Mount Temple is the tallest peak at 11,624 feet, and although it might sound like an insurmountable obstacle, good hiking fitness is all you'll need in order to make the climb. There are several other peaks measuring over 11,000 feet, but if hiking isn't your thing, you might prefer to take on a climbing mission with the help of a harness and a tour guide. 

Don't miss the national parks 


Rocky Mountain National Park, Canada is an attraction in itself, and you'll find it nestled between the peaks. This heritage-listed site is comprised of several parks spread throughout the mountain ranges, each with its own unique appeal. You'll find plenty of hiking trails and lakes in Kootenay National Park, while Yoho National Park is the place to go if you're a camping enthusiast. Some of Yoho's attractions are only accessible between Spring and Fall, but if you're keen on skiing, you'll want to stay for the Winter and try out the Yoho Valley Road ski slope. During the coldest weeks of the year, the road is taken over by snow and ice, making it the perfect destination for adventurers on skis. Banff National Park is another great spot for skiing or camping, but it's also the best place to see native wildlife in action. Grizzly bears, mountain goats, beavers, moose, and elk are amongst the species to call the park home, so you'll want keep an eye out and take safety advice from locals or tour guides.


Enjoy the local towns


Planning a trip to Banff and Jasper is recommended for first-time visitors, owing to the combination of scenery and adventure on offer in these towns. Those who feel at home on a pair of skis will love the snow-covered slopes in Banff, while the other activities on offer range from film festivals to gondola rides. Banff is packed with so many opportunities for adventure, you'll likely find Jasper quiet by comparison, but it's more than worth a visit for the scenery alone.