How to organize your Brussels trip?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 14, 2017
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How to organize your Brussels trip?You'd like to discover Brussels because you want to try the best chocolate and beer in the world,because you’ve found a very cheap plane ticket,you’ve heard great things about the city,you are a fan of moules-frites(mussels and chips)or simply because you have always wanted to see the city’s most important symbol:The Manneken Piss.

Brussels trip

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and also considered the principal city of the European Union.It has all the characteristics of a metropolis,but at the same time is a small tranquil city.It has extremely modern neighborhoods that contrast with its renowned Art Deco buildings.The streets of Brussels are packed with charm and history and make for a great getaway.

Any excuse is good to organize a holiday in Brussels,whether it be for 2 days,a week or longer.This city offers good food,interesting museums and a selection of offbeat attractions,which will not leave you indifferent.

Shopping in Brussels

Although Brussels is not a famous shopping destination,the city has many independent fashion designers and beautiful boutiques.Besides clothes shopping,Belgium also has well-known traditional products.

Local souvenirs

Brussels is not just famous for its beer and chocolate,here is a list with the best local souvenirs:

Brussels trip

Avenue Louise

The most exclusive stores and boutiques in Brussels are found on Avenue Louise and the surrounding area.

The majority of the shops are located between the metro station and a wooded area of the street.This part isn’t very pretty,although it has several Art Nouveau buildings,like the Solvay Hotel.

Rue Neuve(Nieuwstraat)

This pedestrian street is the most popular shopping street in Brussels with international fashion brands like Zara,Mango and Esprit.It has two large department stores:Inno and City 2.

Compared to Avenue Louise,you'll enjoy walking through Rue Neuve and is also located in the city centre.

Areas close to La Grand Place

Most of the side streets that lead to the Grand Place are packed with“chocolatiers”.However,in the Rue du Marchéaux Herbes and its adjoining streets you’ll find fashion boutiques to cater for all tastes and budgets(especially for those with a larger budget).

If you take the street Heuvelstraat from the Grand Place,you’ll get to the most beautiful glazed shopping arcade in Europe,the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert.