How do we go to Niagara Falls from Boston?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 28, 2017
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Today I want to answer the question about how to get to Niagara Falls from Boston.

Firstly you should know how far it is between Boston and Niagara Falls. Boston is located in United States with (42.3584,-71.0598) coordinates and Niagara Falls is located in Canada with (43.1001,-79.0663) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Boston to Niagara Falls is equal to 409 miles which is equal to 659 km.

If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Boston and Niagara Falls is 753.08 km. If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 06 hours 43 minutes. Please check the avg. speed travel time table on the right for various options.

Difference between fly and go by a car is 94 km.

Niagara Falls Tour from Boston

I have connected some suggestions from some travelers who has done before.

1) You can drive or fly. If you drive, it's about 8 hours -- take the Mass Pike all the way to the end where it becomes the Berkshire extension of the NY Thruway. At the end of the extension go north toward Albany and Buffalo on the Thruway mainline which will soon turn west. After several hours, you will reach the Buffalo toll barrier. Immediately after that get off on I-290, at the end of I-290 go north on I-190, after the second Grand Island bridge get off on the Robert Moses Parkway to the falls. Park in one of the state park parking lots (not free but there's no better alternative) and walk around. If you have your passport, you can drive over the Rainbow bridge to the Canadian side which is a lot nicer.

If you want a day trip, fly from Boston to the Buffalo airport and take a taxi or the city bus to the falls.

2) Option 1 - Fastest and efficient way is to fly from Boston Logan airport to Buffalo Niagara Airport. Then, it's just a 35mi drive.?

Option 2 - Cheap and memorable way is to do a road trip. It takes ~ 8 hrs. The countryside of New York is really beautiful. You need to experience it at least once. I would choose this even if it's tiresome and takes time. It would definitely add life to the time spent.

After a fly drive around the West Coast of USA last month, I am now planning a trip around the East Coast.

3) We want to travel from Boston across to Niagara Falls, but cannot decide whether to drive or fly.

Niagara Falls from Boston

Internet says it is approx 8.5 hrs drive across on I-90 (so will probably do an overnight stop) or we could jump on an internal flight which is only 1.5 hrs and fairly cheap. I like the idea of driving so we can really explore, but our last flydrive included Highway 1, California, which I'd imagine is pretty hard to beat!

So, I am wondering if anyone can advise me if the drive is worth doing i.e. scenic, things worth seeing, places worth stopping at etc. or should we fly?

4)We did this drive a couple of years ago. We stopped off at Cooperstown for the night - it is nicely situated on a lake and is also home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, which was interesting to visit. Of course, we also had to drive back again! For a change of scene, we took a different route back and stopped off at Bennington in Vermont, then headed to Ogunquit on the coast for a couple of nights, before returning to Boston for our flight.

5)The main route from Boston to Niagara, Interstate 90, is quite boring for much of the 8-9 hours you would be driving. The only mildly scenic parts of that route are the route through the Berkshire Hills between