How Do People Get Across US East Coast? East Coast Tours Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jun 15, 2017
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North America is made up of rich landscapes with natural wonders ranging from unusual geological formations to massive icy glaciers. The National Park system protects and preserves these Earth wonders where visitors can marvel at Mother Nature's great displays of beauty. How do people get across US East Coast? East Coast tours guide prepared for you.

East Coast Tours Guide

Niagara Falls

Ontario/New York
Niagara Falls may not be world's largest waterfall--that distinction goes to Africa's Victoria Falls--but it's the most popular with more than 12 million visitors each year. Climb aboard the Maid of the Mist to view Horseshoe Falls on the Canada side where 600,000 gallons of water plunge down the 185-foot drop every second. The force of Horseshoe Falls and its stateside partner the American Falls creates giant whirlpools that can be viewed from a cable car high above the swirling water.

Grand Canyon

The world's most famous geological wonder is the massive gorge of the Grand Canyon cutting through northern Arizona for 277 miles. Americans followed President Theodore Roosevelt's lead and set their sights on the Grand Canyon in the early 20th century when the El Tovar Hotel was constructed to serve the swelling crowds. Today, more than 5 million visitors stop by each year--some simply gaze down into the colorful canyon while others follow the winding switchbacks into the gorge along the Bright Angel Trail, ease the trip with a mule ride, ride the rapids below in the Colorado River or explore the park on a jeep tour.

East Coast Tours Guide

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay National Park was only uncovered as the ice melted and the glacier retreated in the past 250 years giving way to a vibrant marine landscape, dense forests, tall mountains and beautiful glaciers. Intrepid adventurers set out in helicopters and kayaks to explore the icy masses like Mendenhall Glacier, braving the elements and the calving glaciers that expand and contract and break apart in the process. If you're brave enough to explore this treacherous territory, you'll be rewarded with an amazing display of wildlife including humpback whales, sea lions and sea otters.