How about taking a flight over the Grand Canyon?

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The Grand Canyon,also named Grand Canyon Colorado,was formed by the Colorado River,which flows west through the canyon.It took 3-6 million years for the canyon to form by the carving action of the Colorado River assisted by rain and wind.The rock at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is around 2 billion years old.It is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.Although it isn't the world's longest,widest,or deepest canyon,it is so spectacular that it attracts nearly 5 million visitors each year.

So,it becomes travelers'dream to take a flight over the mighty Grand Canyon.So how about taking a flight over the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon Tour

1.What kind of airplane can we choose?

If you want to take a flight to Grand Canyon,you will have two choices:helicopter and small fixed-wing aircraft.

Here are comparisons:

Helicopter:Lower ans slower;suitable for witnessing the Grand Canyon in detail.

Small fixed-wing aircraft:Higher and faster;suitable for taking photos of the panorama of Grand Canyon.

Helicopter will land on the Grand Canyon so you can sightsee the Grand Canyon on the ground,but the small fixed-wing aircraft just fly in the sky so you can only overlook the Grand Canyon in the sky.

The capacity of Helicopter is limited into 4-6 persons,but that of fixed-wing aircraft can reach 6-10 persons.

For the same mileage,the price of helicopter is higher than that of fixed-wing aircraft.But due to chosen optional tours,so there is little difference between the two kinds.

Las Vegas is in the west of Grand Canyon,so if you start your flight from Las Vegas,the helicopter can only reach the West Rim,but the fixed-wing aircraft can lead you to the farther South Rim and North Rim.

The time of flight in Grand Canyon:for helicopter--20-50 minutes;for fixed-wing aircraft--40-90 minutes.

2.Where can we start?

You can start your flight from Las Vegas or Grand Canyon.

If you start from Las Vegas,the travel agency can pick you up to the airport by their vehicle and then you can take a flight to Grand Canyon Airport and transfer to start sightseeing.

If you start your flight from Grand Canyon,you will start sightseeing from the Grand Canyon Airport.

The difference between them is that the flight departing from Las Vegas can only arrive at the West Rim of Grand Canyon,but the flight departing from Grand Canyon can arrive at the East Rim,North Rim and South Rim.

3.What service items can be provided?

When sighting in the sky,you can see the Hoover Dam,Lake Mead,Kaibab National Forest and Colorado River.

Some helicopter tours can allow you to land in the valley of Grand Canyon West Rim.So you can take a close look at the beauty of Grand Canyon.Some agencies will also provide an additional boat tour.

Of course,the travel agency can provide you with more combined tours,such as helicopter+boat tour,helicopter+off-road tour,helicopter+skywalk,and so on.

Grand Canyon Bus Trip

4.How Much?

If you take a helicopter from Las Vegas,the price will be about 300-500 dollars.

If you take a helicopter from Grand Canyon,the price will be about 150-300 dollars.

If you take a fixed-wing aircraft from Las Vegas,the price will be about 150-250 dollars.

If you take a fixed-wing aircraft from Grand Canyon,the price will be about 120-200 dollars.

In addition,you can also choose other optional combined tours above mentioned.

Some agencies will also provide a service of"additional$10 for insurance to sit near the window".

5.How many suppliers?

Four famous airplane suppliers in the world:

Papillon Company Grand Canyon Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

Maverick:Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Scenic Airlines:Grand Canyon Airplane Tours with Scenic Airlines

Grand Canyon Tour Company:Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight&West Rim Landing

You can book the tour on their website directly.

In addition,you can also join a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour in Las Vegas,and the travel agencies can provide the tour for you for your convenience.

1.What kind of airplane can we choose?0

Overall,the flight departing from Las Vegas is more suitable for the travelers with tight schedule,and it can be the first experience for Grand Canyon 1-Day Tour.

The flight departing from Grand Canyon is more suitable foe the travelers who travel by themselves without joining a travel tour,and it can allow you to have an in depth visit on the ground of Grand Canyon.

Due to different airplane companies,the services they provided will differ.You can choose the best suitable one for yourselves.

Grand Canyon Tour

1.What kind of airplane can we choose?1

You should bring your passport and ID card.

You can bring a bottle of water in the airplane,but cannot open during the flight.

You can bring your camera and mobile phone,but cannot bring selfie stick or tripod.

From March to September,you are recommended to wear sweater;from October to mid-March,you are recommended to wear heavy coat or down jacket.

For the senior and travelers with heart complaints or other serious medical condition,you should enquire the airplane company.

I wish the above Q&A could help you.I have traveled to Grand Canyon by join a  1.What kind of airplane can we choose?2and an optional helicopter and boat tour from Las Vegas.Maybe you can refer to my plan~