Honeymoon in Paris in December, Where to Stay

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 29, 2017
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

We are planning our honeymoon in Paris, which is most likely to be happening between mid-November to early December. We are thinking of a week’s stay there and then head to Switzerland. First thing to be noted is that we are more keen on exploring the places than on an exquisite stay. Would prefer to go on fixed budget and explore the maximum out of it. Second, we are hardcore foodies and winter-lovers. We are Indians, travel freaks (trekking, road trips, nature lovers). Have no much intention of shopping, but want a romantic time together, in our weird way. And definitely, eating loads!

Honeymoon in Paris in December

We were thinking of travelling on our own, explore most of the Paris, based on our interests, stay in Airbnb rentals and test on every food that Paris has to offer. How possible is it to explore Paris on our own?

I have listed down all the places we wish to visit in Paris, after a thorough research about the place, but it would be hard without a local guide. Would it be possible to find a local guide in Paris, who could be trustworthy and help us during our stay? If a registered tour guides are available, can we establish connection with the person virtually before our travel, so that he can help us plan our itinerary and the ideal locations for us to book Airbnb rentals. We will pay good for such a person.

About the questions, the answer we got as below. We're suggested to explore the mainstream attractions on your own such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc. but it would be helpful to hire a guide to maximize your week there. Though we’ve done a lot of research, a guide can help recommend things that are relevant for us and most importantly cut through the endless options. Especially since we plan to go foodies, typical sites like TripAdvisor, though helpful for their reviews and rankings, can often overlook hidden gems which Paris is full of. There are tons of tour companies out there who allow you to hire a private guide for a half day or full day but few that you can book by the week.