Guide to Photographing Upper Antelope Canyon, what to do in Antelope Canyon

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 10, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

What to do in Antelope Canyon? How to take the perfect photoes in Antelope? Our guide to photographing Upper Antelope Canyon may telling you something you need.

Don’t forget to look up

Everyone will tell you not to get caught up in the light beams and sand. Remember to look up for interesting views and shots.

Be prepared for camera warfare

One reason you may want to go with Lower Antelope is that Upper Antelope is chaotic.

There are tons of groups going in and out and tons of people directing orders for others to move that it can feel chaotic. Even doing the photography tour with only five other photographers involved a constant jockey for position with others directly above, below, and to the side of you at all times.

One guy remarked that this was “camera warfare” and I’d have to agree.

Everything is rushed.

You’ll be directed to go to a spot, take your shots, then pick everything up and scurry off to the next spot.

There’s no time wasted in “taking in” the canyon. On the one hand I appreciated the efficient approach to the tour, but I also felt like I didn’t get the chance to just relax and enjoy being down there.

If you’re looking for a laid-back type of photography experience that is not what you are going to get in Upper Antelope, at least not during the peak hours.

I love shooting photos but after about an hour and 45 minutes in there, I was ready to wrap it up because it was so hectic in there. Now, they did give us about 15 minutes at the end to roam freely which was nice.

With that said, don’t let the potential stress keep you from doing the photography tour.

If you get a good guide, he or she will make sure you get your shots. And in a way, dealing with all the commotion made the experience more rewarding because it was challenging.

I think the important thing is just to be prepared for a little bit of madness and go in with the mindset of not allowing all the chaos to affect your shooting. One thing that might help is staying at the front of the pack and next to your guide. That’s what I did and it helped me get my shots.