Guide to holidays for Berlin travel families

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 21, 2017
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Here we talk about the guide to holidays for Berlin travel families.Berlin never tries to hide its brutal past;reminders of the Holocaust are everywhere,making a visit part history lesson,so be prepared for frank questions from your kids regarding Germany’s complicated legacy.A tolerant spirit pervades,so families of every configuration should feel at home.

Berlin travel families

Berlin is littered with creative playgrounds for kids.The Berlin-Friedrichshain neighborhood is where you'll find the Dragon Playground.Kids can explore the inside of this funky wooden dragon before sliding down one of the twin slides.Parents may relax on one of the shady benches while the kids romp.

East Side Gallery

This nearly mile-long outdoor mural is the longest open-air gallery in the world.It’s a dense pop-art and graffiti display and a fascinating social and political commentary.Social-media-savvy kids will be in good company as posting a selfie is all but mandatory.

Stumbling Stones

One of the many ways Berlin commemorates victims of the Nazis is with Stolpersteine,or stumbling stones.These brass plates are embedded in the sidewalk concrete and are a personal memorial to a Jewish victim who lived on the street where the stumbling stone is placed.Each slightly raised plate has the name and details of the tragic death of a former resident.They are purposely made to be stumbled on,to contemplate the individual whose life was lost.