Great Attractions near San Francisco&Free Activities

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 20, 2017
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Great attractions near San Francisco,and free activities noted.Take the kids catamaran sailing to enjoy incredible views of the San Francisco skyline,visit an aquarium,stop at the zoo,and have the best ice cream in town.

Great Attractions near San Francisco

The Bay Area Discovery Museum

Set on 7.5 scenic acres with views of the Golden Gate Bridge,the Bay Area Discovery Museum offers hands-on activities designed to awaken creative thinking in children.Imagination Playground,designed by architect David Rockwell,lets kids engage in unstructured free play using giant foam blocks,slides and fabric.

Art Studios 5 and 10 encourage visitors to express themselves through art while learning about collaboration.Bay Hall simulates the busy Ports of San Francisco and Oakland.There is an underwater tunnel,a lift to lower containers,and a vintage train set.The 2.5-acre outdoor space features an authentic fishing boat,a scenic trail,the Sea Cave and many other exciting activities.

The Ice Cream Bar

For lunch,head to the Ice Cream Bar and eat delicious sandwiches,organic greens,soup and ice cream.Everything at the Ice Cream Bar is made in house using locally sourced organic ingredients.Kids will love the waffle cones,cookies,brioche,breads and handmade ice cream.

Great Attractions near San Francisco

Pier 39&Adventure Cat Sailing Charters

Pier 39 is one of the most popular tourist stops in San Francisco,home to amazing attractions such as Aquarium of the Bay,Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze,San Francisco Carousel,Sea Lion Center,street performers,restaurants and cafes.Adventure Cat Sailing Charters operates two family-friendly catamarans which take you on an exciting adventure with views of the San Francisco skyline,the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

Children’s Fairyland

Children’s Fairyland in Oakland is the place where your child’s favorite fairy tales come alive.Step into the Crooked House,play on the Jack and Jill Hill,see the live Olde English Baby Doll Sheep,visit the Alice in Wonderland Tunnel,climb on Willie the Whale,and ride the Jolly Trolly which dates back to 1954.

Play in the beautifully landscaped gardens growing Mary’s silver bells and cockleshells as well as organic vegetables used to feed the animals.In addition to the sheep,there is a pony,alpaca,two goats,donkeys,ducks,rabbits,guinea pigs and chickens.