Grand Canyon Bus Tours - Know more about the West, South and North Rims

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Grand Canyon is known for its overwhelming size and its intricate and colorful landscapes. The name Grand says it all, it is massive and offers unique views, activities, and experiences with all its rims West, South or North Rim. Grand Canyon is listed as World Heritage Site and it is said to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It attracts more than 5 million visitors annually. Grand Canyon West and South Rims are open year-round but North Rim is closed during peak winters due to heavy snowfall. So, let's learn and determine which rim is right for your next vacation to Grand Canyon, then you can start your Grand Canyon Bus Tour.


Grand Canyon West Rim

  • This rim is located closest to Las Vegas, Nevada 121 miles.
  • It is famous for it Glass Skywalk, a U-shaped glass walkway 4,770 feet out over the Grand Canyon.
  • Grand Canyon West Rim's stunning vistas – Skywalk, Guano Point, Eagle Point & Hualapai Ranch.
  • Accommodation at the west rim is less, you can stay in cabins which had to be booked way far in advance due to its limited availability (or) you have to drive 130 miles from west rim to stay at Hualapai Lodge.
  • Mostly, people prefer taking a one-day tour from Las Vegas.
  • There are various day activities to do at the west rim like helicopter rides, whitewater- rafting, visit the old west town at Hualapai ranch, where you can experience native American culture and enjoy horseback tour, learn roping and ax throwing lead by the cowboys.


Important Information:

  • No private vehicles are permitted past the entrance. So, you will have to park your car at the Welcome Center.
  • You will have to purchase entry tickets at the Welcome Center, from where the shuttle bus will take you the vista points.
  • You can also ride in a helicopter tour from the West Rim Airport which is also located at the Welcome Center.


Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Packages


Grand Canyon South Rim


  • Grand Canyon South Rim is said to be the "true Grand Canyon". It is the bigger one of all the rims and holds up to two dozen viewpoints, each view has its own unique attributes.
  • It is accessible from several large cities Phoenix, Flagstaff and Las Vegas.
  • Grand CanyonSouth Rim is most frequently chosen by first-time visitors to the area not only for its views but for its abundance of visitor services and family-oriented activities.
  • Activities include ranger program, hiking, mule trips, bicycling, scenic hermit tour, scenic desert view drive, whitewater and smoothwater rafting, helicopter ride etc.
  • Accommodation is easy to find as it has loads of hotel options outside the park and lodges inside the park. South rims free shuttle buses connect the lodges with restaurants, shops, visitor’s centers.


Important Information:

  • When you visit Grand Canyon South Rim, you have to purchase general entrance fees.
  • The entrance fees are usually charged for per vehicle cost and price differs for various means of transportation like – motorcycle, private vehicle, bicycle, on foot or shuttle etc.


Grand Canyon South Rim Tour Packages


Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Bus Tour0

  • Grand CanyonNorth Rim is not as easily accessible as the other two rims. It takes longer drives from several large cities.
  • Grand CanyonNorth Rim is said to be more wild and secluded since it is covered in trees.
  • The park is not open around-year, so you can only travel here from mid-May through mid-October as in winter it is completely covered in snow.
  • The atmosphere of the North Rim is much more relaxing compared to other rims. So, people who visit here are with a purpose to relax, enjoy the atmosphere, camp out and hike around.
  • In terms of activities, it includes hiking, but hiking trails at the north rim are lengthier and less accessible.
  • Accommodation includes lodging and campgrounds for which reservations are strongly recommended.


Important Information:

  • When you visit you will have to purchase general entrance fees.
  • The entrance fees are usually charged for per vehicle cost and price differs for various means of transportation like – motorcycle, private vehicle, bicycle, on foot or shuttle. 


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