It may be a rough ride but mule trips are well worth the adventure. guide you a meaningful Grand Canyon travle experience for a Grand Canyon weekend vacation.

Mule trips

'Buy the postcard. The animals smell, walk narrow ledges carved into the canyon wall and come with a daunting list of rules,' said an article in the New York Times. But eazeliff disagrees: 'Yes they smell, and it's a rough ride, but I regard those mule trips as some of the greatest experiences of my travels.'

Food in the Park

'I don't think the food is awful so much as generally mediocre and overpriced,' says FlagStuff. 'El Tovar and the Arizona Room offer a memorable atmosphere and passable food at the higher end, but everything else is strictly utilitarian. Flagstaff, and to a much lesser extent Williams, have a full range of good restaurants, but even then fussy big-city epicureans would be wise to tone down their expectations for a few days.' But it's not all bad news on the food front: 'Eating an ice cream cone on the deck behind the Bright Angel Lodge is one of my very favorite things to do at the South Rim.'

As the sun sets

Watching the sunset is a popular activity at the Grand Canyon and the overlooks can fill up on summer evenings. FlagStuff recommends that visitors take the shuttle bus from the Village out on the Hermit's Rest Road, get dropped off at a viewpoint, and then walk the Rim Trail to another viewpoint to catch the bus for a ride back. 'The Rim Trail is a great, easy way to get away from the crowds, and the viewpoints along Hermit Rest Road are superb for sunset.'

'I would suggest that people view the sunset from one of the viewpoints, let the gawkers leave, and stay there to take in the subtleties and otherworldly qualities of the Canyon as it slips into darkness,' says eazeliff.