Grand Canyon trips from Vegas,Directions to Grand Canyon North Rim

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You must buy one of the packages to visit Grand Canyon North Rim before you begin your Grand Canyon trips from Vegas as it includes the Hualapai Tribal Entrance Fee’s.And learn the information about Grand Canyon on the site may help you a lot.

Directions to Grand Canyon North Rim:


From Grand Canyon South Rim–4½hours

Take Highway 64 east to Cameron,AZ.

From Cameron,take Highway 89 north to Bitter Springs,AZ.

From Bitter Springs,take Highway 89Alt west to Jacob Lake,AZ.

From Jacob Lake,take Highway 67 south to the North Rim.

Grand Canyon trips from Vegas,Directions to Grand Canyon North Rim


There is no airport at Grand Canyon North Rim.The closest airport is Kanab,UT,approximately a 2 hour drive away.


There is a shuttle from the North Rim to the South Rim and return provided by the Trans-Canyon Shuttle.This is a great way to hike from one rim to the other and take a shuttle to retrieve your car.It takes about 4½hours to drive from one rim to the other.

Parking&Shuttle Services

There is limited parking at the North Rim but parking is available at the Grand Canyon Lodge and the North Rim campground.It is recommended that vehicles longer than 30 feet(9m)travel on the roads to Cape Royal or Point Imperial.

Permits are required for the following activities:

Backcountry hiking,camping and horseback riding

Non-commercial Colorado River trips

Special use–weddings,First Amendment activities,scattering of cremation ashes


Scientific Research

Commercial Use for Tour Operators