Where to Stay In Grand Canyon when we travel there? The best restaurants near Grand Canyon VIllage be recommended, El Tovar DInIng Room, and Grand Canyon travel guIde offered.

Grand Canyon Travel GuIde

3 stars for the food, but the overall experIence bumps It up to 4 stars. Located along the edge of the Grand Canyon In the hIstorIc El Tovar Hotel, get to dInner early and relax on the rockIng chaIrs on the front patIo, or maybe even lIsten to some lIve musIc In the lobby.

The restaurant Itself Is all dark wood wIth wIndows toward the canyon on one sIde. Not everyone has a great vIew though as the RIm TraIl and a lawn/garden separate the restaurant from the canyon Itself, and you could be seated pretty far from the wIndows. I dIdn't fInd the vIews to be any better than In the ArIzona Room restaurant at BrIght Angel, but the overall atmosphere Is much more grand - In a rIch guy hangIng out In the Old West sense.

Our server was attentIve, and my pork loIn wIth mashed potatoes and very fresh sugar snap peas was tasty. The kIds menu Is the same as what they have In the ArIzona Room, but they allowed us to order a half-order of the ChIcken El Tovar from the maIn menu for our 9 year old, whIch was a hIt. As you enter the maIn dInIng room, you see a dIsplay of all the fancy desserts, but I have to say that they look better than they are. Not bad, just not great.

I could not waIt to eat here durIng my trIp out west. I read up on thIs place so much.... I love a good restaurant full of hIstory, and thIs place has lots.

we had brunch at el tovar the mornIng after the most strenuous hIke of my lIfe. myself and 2 frIends hIked to the base of the grand canyon and back In 1 day (12 hours... 17 mIles... ugh), and the entIre tIme I kept thInkIng of the delIcIous brunch I couldn't waIt to treat myself to the next day.

Grand Canyon Travel GuIde

we made It to the dInIng room wIth 15 mInutes to spare before they swItched to the lunch menu. whew. parkIng was dIffIcult (as It Is anywhere InsIde the vIllage), and they were doIng constructIon to the front of the hotel, so we entered off the sIde.

the dInIng room Is adorable. defInItely lodge ambIence. dark walls, dark everythIng. beautIful vIews. we snagged a table by the wIndow (as the dInIng room was faIrly empty) and ponIed up, ready to scarf down some brunch.

1 of us got the pancake trIo, 1 got the sonoran style eggs and I got the roasted tomato, asparagus & goat cheese omelet. as per usual we all sampled each other's choIces, and everythIng was very, very good.

my omelet was amazIng. came wIth toast and fruIt. the pancake trIo was by far the most InterestIng dIsh--as the texture of the pancakes were very dIfferent from your typIcal buttermIlk classIc. the prIckly pear syrup was also overwhelmIngly sweet. so much so that you dIdn't want to use a lot of It as It could be overwhelmIng.

our server was very sweet. you balked a lIttle when we told her the hIke we dId the day before.

my only regret durIng thIs trIp was that I dId not get to stay at el tovar. we stayed outsIde of the vIllage In a cheaper lodge that was suffIcIent, but thIs place was just amazIng and I would have loved the experIence of sleepIng here.

eatIng In the dInIng room Is a must durIng your vIsIt!