There are a lot of reasons to visit the East Rim.I have listed some of them in our travel guides.During the summer and early fall months lodging sells out several months in advance so be sure to plan ahead of time and enjoy your visit.And to book the Grand Canyon tours from Vegas on the site with deals nowdays.

Attractions must visit and would enrich your experience in Grand Canyon:

Little Colorado River Tribal Park

Located at the junction of Highway 89 and Highway 64 in Cameron,Arizona and on the path to the Grand Canyon,stop and see the Little Colorado River Tribal Park.It is one of the Navajo Nation Parks with beautiful vistas of the southwest desert and canyons.There are many wilderness trails for hiking along the Colorado River,Marble Canyon,Jackass Canyon,Salt Trail Canyon,Totahatso Point,Rainbow Bridge trails,Cove Mesa and Coal Mine Canyon.Please note that you must obtain hiking permits from the Navajo Nation.

Grand Canyon tours from Vegas,Attractions enrich your experience in Grand Canyon

Marble Canyon&Lee’s Ferry

The area of Marble Canyon and Lee’s Ferry is the starting point for many of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River runners.Marble Canyon is not actually made of marble but limestone so colorful that it resembles marble hues of pink,gray and purple.The area known as Lee’s Ferry is also historically important as it was the only way to easily cross or access the Colorado River for several hundred years.The Navajo,Anasazi and Paiute Native Americans made use of this area for cattle grazing long before a ferry was built to aid travelers in crossing the mighty Colorado.

Tower Butte

A solitary tower of rock rises 5,000 feet from the desert floor just outside of Page,Arizona.This monolith is massive and powerful,overlooking the expansive Lake Powell.You can admire the rock from a distance but we recommend flying aboard a helicopter to the top so you can stand on top the magnificent Tower Butte.