Grand Canyon to Las Vegas travel,Hiking at the North Rim

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  2. On Jul 18, 2018
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Get the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas travel guide on the website and visit the places in depth in this Summer Break.The National Park Service posts serious warnings to all hikers about hiking from Rim-to Rim or Rim-to River in one day.The inner gorge temperatures,lack of water and difficulty of the trails tax even the most experienced of hikers.Dehydration,injuries,heat exhaustion and heat stroke are very common for hikers that are not prepared for this extreme environment.Do not attempt a one-day Rim-to-Rim or Rim-to-River-Return in one day for your safety.

Bright Angel Point Trail

This paved trail is perfect for a quick,easy hike but offers stunning scenery.Starting at the log cabin next to the Visitor Center parking lot,the paved trail leads to Bright Angel Point and is less than a mile round trip.Because the North Rim is about 1,000 ft higher than the South Rim,this view looking down to the South Rim is one of the most popular for photographers.

Grand Canyon to Las Vegas travel,Hiking at the North Rim

Cape Royal Trail

An easy trail with the most sweeping,grandiose view of the Grand Canyon?What more could you want!The trail starts at the end of the paved Cape Royal Road and is less than a mile round trip.Although the magnificent vista can be seen from the car,the short walk opens even more breathtaking views.

Cape Final Trail

Close to Cape Royal,there is a little-known hiking trail that has spectacular scenery.The parking for this trail located at the end of the Cape Royal road.It is four miles roundtrip and the trail winds around through the forest away from the rim for a bit until emerging at a magnificent viewpoint.Cape Final Trail is considered an easy trail for hikers.